Bringing ALM to Life

Talmia is an innovative software solution that provides process automation and reporting capabilities for the Microsoft Team System platform. Talmia makes it easy to bring your ALM processes to life - whether agile, traditional, or bespoke. By implementing Talmia, you can:

  • Benefit from consistent and reliable process enforcement.
  • Improve project visibility and predictability.
  • Reduce overheads, rework, and waste.

Talmia can create, update, and validate Team System work items automatically in response to user actions - and much more!

Available now for Team System 2008 and 2010.

Talmia Designer

1. Define

Graphically model your ALM processes

Talmia Control Centre

2. Deploy

Manage process versions per-project

Talmia Server

3. Execute

Enjoy powerful workflow orchestration

Talmia Reports

4. Monitor

Track project work and progress